3D Design & animation.
Showcase your products dynamically.

- Are you thinking of showing your product in a more dynamic way?
- Do you require to showcase your products to new investors or clientelle?

3D graphic design and motion graphics explains a service or product offering in a 3D environment which allows the eye to be lead in and around a product. Our focus area is more based on technical and engineering representation than "movie type" animation. We can use and accommodate all types of CAD 3D technical designs and convert it to a storyboard type representation to explain processes and procedures.


Grindrod series

3D Clip: part of a series of animation clips to depict the transport routes for the Grindrod products from the SADC region. We constructed the elements and animation events in 3D Studio Max and rendered the file for use within their presentations to their clients.

Arminco Engineers

3D Clip: an explanatory clip created for Arminco Engineers to assist them in presenting their methodology on erecting a roof at BMW Rosslyn plant.

Character & environment

Sample of character and environmental design. We can design character and environments. we can also import your environment and juxtapose with character animation to liven the scene up for example Architectural fly-through clips.

3D Environmental Design and Rendering

Our skillsets can cater for environmental 3D builds - just give us the basics and we will convert it into a real scene environment with all the required set elements such as nature, interior, exterior, colouring, material and then do 3D image snapshots. Great for pre-event preparation material for advertising purposes.

3D Model and Technical Design

Our skillsets can cater for 3D object or model builds - we specialise in "hard" material design and can assist in the design of mechnical, plastic, glass, metal and shapes.

We now also providing engineering drawings as 3D PDF formats. We can work directly form your 2D drawing or consult with you in order to facilitate the component design process 

Creative design and software solutions

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