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Company Profiles

Your company profile deserves the best. Your profile information is setup in MS Word and you need it to look a bit better than what the standard available templates can provide. This is where we come in and customise the profile design. We usually set it up in Adobe InDesign, but can do this in a Microsoft based programme, if so desired.



Let us help you make it look great! So, the report is done and you need it to look the part. Let us help you to make it look great! We have the tools, the skill-set and know-how to get the layout sorted on your behalf. The content should be provided in an electronic format (it helps if you already set the basics up in MS Word) and the relevant tables and graph data in MS Excel. Our final output is usually a PDF document.



We provide design services to book writers in the form of cover and inner page design for print purposes. The right design for the hard work and time you have put in. So, your writing is done, and you are happy to get the design for the book finalised. Pass it on to us and let us take care of the layout process.


Stationery design

Your stationery is your marketing tools to the world out there, make it count! On a daily basis, your stationery are the tools you use for brand recognition and identifying yourself to the world. It should look professional and portray a clear and understandable message to your clients. Let us visualise and design these items for you so that you can focus on making a success of your business. 

3-D Technical design

We can build, construct and render models and scenes via CAD, 3D Max and Blender. This is an expensive type of field due to the technicalities and time it sometimes take to produce a final design or output. We can provide you with model builds, colouring, light, scenery, material and story board based renderings. The final outputs can be images or video file formats with sound, narrator voice and music. it all depends on the requirement and budget allowances. 


2-D Infographics

2D Planar design allows you show a process flow via iconography style design. You have an idea and need to lay it on one page. This is where 2D planar design comes into play in order to describe processes via iconography. It is also a process whereby the art type is layered on top of each other similar to cartoon style design. The design style is flat and usually describes a process flow or idea without a lot of text.

corporate identity

Corporate Identity

This is what distinguishes you from the rest.
Think of CI (Corporate Identity) as the face of you business. It needs to tell the story of you are in one picture. It is also advisable that once the Logo is designed, that the rest of the marketing and stationery material represent the same look and feel. Therefore, we first start with the logo and spiral out from thereon to build the rest of the brand items and the corporate identity manual. 

package design

Package design

From lable design to package die-cut to printing. You have a product and need to package it! The simple approach is to understand the product, plan the best user requirement output and design accordingly from thereon forward. 


Event Displays

You need to get the artwork ready for the stand and displays, this is where we come into play. We assist you with the design of all the print material requirements. We can also assist on the printing albeit the event organisers usually have their own preferred suppliers for this purpose to ensure uniformity as far as material use and size requirements are concerned. From the head pieces to the wall areas to the posters and banners, we do all the designs and have done so for shows in Africa, Europe, Russia and England.

display designs

Banner, indoor and outdoor display designs

From banners to visually stimulating indoor and outdoor display designs. Any size and any format, we provide the designs and you can have it printed or manufactured or just leave everything to us to manage on your behalf.


Custom poster and large scale artwork designs

If you require an entire wall to be covered or simply need a few posters for your business (related to marketing you product or selling who you are), we are the guys to help you. Simply provide us with the specifications for quotation, design and manufacturing + installation purposes. 

We provide designs which deliver maximum marketing potential for your business.

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