Graphic layout and publishing design services


Stationery layout design & printing

We provide graphic and layout design services for various types of products such stationery, books, reports, company profiles, interactive PDFs,, presentations and templates. Once designs are completed and signed off, we can facilitate the printing and binding of these products in paper format. PDF documents can also be provided as "flipbooks" and interactive / dynamic presentations. 

corporate identity logo

Corporate identity design 

Your business display identity should be unique to you and we can assist in designing the brand and identity associated with your business. Once the logo design has been completed, we can "link" it to all your stationery, web, design, branding, event and social media products. We can also provide a complete CI Manual for your brand identity.

product and package design

Product and package design

Your product design process can be managed by us, from conceptualisation to label & package design. We provide a market research report and then proceed with  concept designs. Once approved, we draft the packaging designs and send them off for printing. Once you have you physical packaging, we can assist you with the setup of your online presence to sell your product.

2D and 3D design and rendering

2D & 3D design and rendering

Sometimes you need to explain your product or process flow in a more visual dynamic way. We offer 2D infographic explainer graphs and can also convert designs or ideas into a 3D format to visualise and explain your product to your clients. These designs can be rendered as images, motion graphics and or video. Click here to view more on video/motion graphic production.

event display design

Event display design

When you showcase your business at events, we can assist you on various products such as design and manufacturing of print and display material. We also work with various manufacturers and suppliers of display units and will assist you in making the best choice when deciding on what you need for the event/booth setup.  From signage, to banners, t-shirts, display boards and much more....

We provide designs which deliver maximum marketing potential for your business.

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