Dynamic visual motion graphics and video services.

2-D Motion graphics

2D motion graphics is the term or phrase used for a sequence of images to combine in such a manner that a product or service is explained and or showcased via a motion clip. The images are combined in a layered fashion with complimenting or explanatory text to form a process flow of information presented to the viewer. The file output is usually saved as a video format clip such as MPG4 or similar whereby the quality is balanced to the clip size. 

Things you need to know (which does influence the budget)
The storyboard determines the type of components required such as length, scenes, narrator and music preparation. In short, the longer the clip, the more expensive it is. You can manage budget by eliminating items such as narrator or music or sound clips but the essence of the clip still remains that it should showcase the product, its workings and have a "call to action" message.
The process
We meet and discuss the message the clip needs to deliver, we write a script where after the narrator/s voice recordings are completed. Once we have the recordings, we can build the scenes around the timeline. Sound clips and music are then added to harmonise the scenes and voila, you have a 2D motion graphics clip.

Product Explainer


3-D Technical clips

The 3D clips we produce are similar to the 2D motion graphics in that it explains processes and equipment in a visual manner. The 3D environment allows for an immersive visual interface, this means that you can fly-around and through areas in a 3D "area". This is not the same as 2D flat motion graphics where we initially design the world and items as flat image files; here we need to build the "world" and items as 3D components, some of which need to interact and have physics and motion as a real product would. The file output is usually saved as a video format clip such as MPG4 or similar whereby the quality is balanced to the clip size. These clips can then be linked via YouTube to a website or saved on your local hard drive and imported into a PowerPoint presentation or simply showed at an event as a product or service background looping clip. Be it as it may, we can assist in this regard.



Video and cinematography

From story-boarding, to shooting and editing.

Using video in combination with text, image and motion graphics 
Besides 2D motion graphics and 3D animation, we can also add visual video for impact to the clips. We can shoot or purchase, dependant on your budget and the requirements for equipment and manpower hire. We can also do a combination of these with motion graphics - the scope is endless. Remember that we also do voice overs.

Product marketing

Stock footage in combination with motion graphics

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