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Get a better understanding of what services and products are associated with each other and the process-flow for these items. 

Understand your business needs and requirements

Your competition

Define your business goals and strategies with clearly defined goals and milestones. You are in competition with everybody who does the same as you do. You have to identify what you do different or offer better than the rest in order to attract new clients. 


Look for a reputable company to assist you if you cannot do it yourself. Do your research. Cheap is also not always better and compare apples to apples. 
Once you have identified 2 or 3 companies, do your homework on their offering and evaluate your budget spend according to the work which will be done for you. 


Once you have identified the agency who would assist you in your business endeavor, make sure that a project scope and timeline is clearly documented.
Plan the road ahead, identify change parameters and consequences. It is important to understand what you want so that a project blueprint can be clearly defined and documented, prior to starting any development process.  

Timeline and milestones

Milestones vary from project to project, make sure the deliverables are clearly defined and on completion signed-off as the project progresses. Transparency is key and you should be part of the entire process from start to finish and beyond the project... Software development and its maintenance is a continuing process and you should allow scope in your budget for future change and updates.

Your unique identity, marketing message and unique selling point (USP) 

Your business name, domain name and the "look and feel" of what you represent should be unique. This will differentiate your business from the your competition.
Corporate Identity

The first priority is to get your corporate identity and your "message" compiled into words and pictures. This entails that you get a logo designed and the message clearly defined.

Stationery material

Once the logo or brand identity is completed, you can plan for your stationery needs. This includes printed and online material which you can send to clients.

An online presence

Next port of call is to go online. The world today is an online playing field and if you are not online, it is difficult for new customers to find you. You can get sorted with a website or various online marketing platforms.

Adapt and renew

The world of today is changing at a rapid pace. You will need to keep up with the demands of your clients and the ever changing technology requirements. Be pro-active and adapt your marketing strategies and offerings continuously to attract more clients for sustainability and growth.

Going online and marketing your business

Various online options are available from standard information to e-commerce product representation. 
Website address, security and hosting 

You will require a domain or address which we can register for you. This can be either a for local business, a .com for international business or a .org if you represent an organisation or institution.  Your email accounts will be linked to this registered domain and we can host your site on a shared or dedicated server. We recommend a SSL (security https certificate to be linked to your domain).

Responsive website design & development 

Your website should be responsive, which means it should be able to easily adapt to all screen sizes. The basic site structure should be set up to be viewed and navigated easily and without fuss. Not too many content with exact call to action prompts for your client to easily understand and know what they need to do.

Google SEO, SEM and indexing of your site

You want your potential new clients to find you without any hassles. The site needs to be indexed on the Google platform, have the correct keywords and associated wording setup and optimised for online marketing. You can market and advertise online and allow Google to promote your advertsing campaigns via the search results.

Marketing your site via Google AdWords + social media

Google allows your site to be advertised via a pay per click platform. You can also use various social media platforms to showcase your services and products and also link to and from these social media platforms.

Additional marketing tools used to broaden your online presence

There are other platforms which also allow you to market yourself and your products online. These can be used on their own or in combination with your website. Dependent on your budget, you can run various advertising campaigns on various platforms. 
Business Google 

When people search for you, the Business Google account displays information on your company and allows visitors to navigate to your premises with ease. This account also allows for the display of products and posts. 

Business LinkedIn 

For the professional client, we recommend the Business LinkedIn account. There are tools which can be used to target groups of like minded individuals and clients.

Business Facebook

Similar to your normal facebook account, the Business Facebook account is focused on your business with various tools to showcase everything you need, similar to the information presented on your website.


Use YouTube to showcase procedures and products in an engaging and informative way. YouTube also allows for keywords relevant to your products and services on offer.

Software solutions and business integration tools

Besides your online presence, you might want to integrate your business into an online system which you can manage from anywhere. There are various programming languages and tools which can be used for this purpose, but it is important to understand that you can actually, in some instances, run your business completely via a software solution. We can integrate and combine various technologies and also provide you with custom solutions specifically designed around your business. From intra-to extranet, to online and mobile applications and the synchronisation of these technologies between each other, the possibilities are endless...
Dream it 

If you have an idea of something new or just want to automate a lot of procedures within your business, it is important to plan the roadmap and identify all the system and output requirements. This should be documented and signed off.

Coding & programming

The initial phase of development is to get the backend with the database and all the administrative tools and processes setup. This is also the area where you will be able to manage all information and reporting from your system once completed.

User interface design

The user interface is where your client will interact with your system. 

Test and deploy

Various milestone parameters are built into the development cycle to ensure that the system will comply to the requirements. Once all testing has been completed, the system is deployed and maintained.

Media and motion graphics: explain what you do 

To explain your service or product in more detail, we can also assist with motion graphics, video, 2D and 3D explainer clips. These can all be accompanied by voice overs, music, static images, text and much more. These media types are saved as movie files which you can then link via YouTube or use directly in presentations. Let your products speak for themselves at events and shows... 
Storyboard and copy

Plan what you want to say or showcase - in detail, in order to finalise the copy which can be recorded in the following step.


Once the storyboard is completed, we can record the voice over, shoot the necessary footage, purchase all the material which is required and get all the source material organised.

Compiling the clip

The fun starts now and we compile everything into a video. We add all the footage and marry it to the voice recordings, text, images and music.

Final format

Once you are happy with the draft, we compile the final clip into an HD format file. We can also provide various sized options for advertising on all the social media platforms

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