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Being online can assist you greatly when it comes to getting more contacts to your business. We can help.

website and software
CMS & WordPress Websites

The sites usually have an administrative area where you can add, edit or delete content. CMS websites are usually provided to clients who update their sites often, are fairly tech-savvy and often do online business via their web system.

Custom system development

You have thought of an idea, but you do not have the skillset or time to build the application or system yourself. This is where we produce something that can help you in your business, by either streamlining processes or automating tasks. We custom develop any requirement or build add-on systems to your current infrastructure.

HTML5 responsive websites

The basic website allows for a responsive layout which conforms to any screen size & dimension.

mobile apps

Mobile Application development

Mobile applications can be developed for IOS and Android devices. It can also integrate into existing software solutions and website systems to pull and push data as required. Due to the custom built requirements on APP development, we recommend a sit-down to discuss your APP before we are able to quote.

marketing seo

Indexing your site on Google

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), allows your website to be indexed and linked on Google for good search results. Once the website is built, dependant on which platform and format are used, you can either use a plug-in component or a manual upload to Google. The main aim is to ensure that Google sees your website and that your website conforms to the basic rules and practices. Once indexed, the reporting provided via Google allows you to monitor performance to the site as well as analyse content and amend it accordingly. This ensures that the ranking of your site increases and that more people visit your website. 

online marketing

Online Media Marketing

Once your site is built and the indexing have been done, you can start looking at marketing your website. There are various platform we use such as Google AdWords (search result advertising), YouTube Ads (TrueView In-Stream, Bumper Ads and Discovery Ads), Facebook (News, Marketplace, Video feeds, Stories, In-Stream, Search results + In-Article), Instagram (Mobile feed, Stories and Explore), Messenger (Inbox and Stories), WhatsApp (Business) and bulk messaging platforms for newsletters etc.


Hosting + SSL Encryption

As an additional add-on service to our clients, we also provide web hosting services. From shared to dedicated server solutions with SSL encryption and cloud redundancy procedures in place. We have been doing it for a while now and can provide affordable solutions with backups and everything you need from your server administrator. We host sites and also manage the backup services required when hosting secure platforms. Remember that hosting also includes your email accounts, we can assist with the run-of-the-mill standard email accounts to more secure and custom solutions.

We are in a global business arena.

Speak to us with regards to custom design, website and software solutions for you and your business. 

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